The Bachelor And His Love Of Escorts

Sex is one of the most beautiful things in this world. When one engages in sex all of life’s challenges, the daily hustle, bustle, and stress are forgotten. This was definitely true for a 46 years old corporate executive named Dave. He had decided many years ago that he was not going to get married. According to him, marriage was a waste of time and money. A man can have sex with many different beautiful women as long as he has money, so setting for one pussy just didn’t make sense to him. During his urges for sex, he hired various escorts from, sometimes more than one at a time, to fulfill his needs.

One day when he was looking for an escort to hire he realized the agency had a new girl. She was a bit on the heavier side, but athletic, and curvy in all the right places. She had huge boobs and a round, juicy ass. He hired her right away, not wanting to miss an opportunity with this new girl. It did not take long for the escort to arrive as well and after letting her in, he realized that she was more beautiful than he first saw on her profile. He was excited. After having a quick chat, he moved closer to her.

They looked directly into each other’s eyes, and the sparks were already flying. His lips locked into hers and the game he was eagerly waiting for started. Within no time, the escort started doing what she does best. After unlocking her lips from his, she moved her tongue to his ears before moving it to the back of his neck. She removed his shirt and started fondling his nipples. She removed his trouser and started working on his already erect penis. She started by massaging it then moving her tongue from the head of his penis to his testicles. She gave him such a good blowjob that he was about to cum.

When she was certain that he was ready for the penetration, she offered herself to him in the woman on top position. The way she moved her body during the penetration was enthralling. After a while, the escorts screamed loudly, and he knew without doubt that it was time. He released himself for maximum climax as well. He was so excited to have a wonderful time with that escort and gave her a good tip for that short companionship.