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"Reading the world's press you could be forgiven for thinking that Bangladesh is a disaster zone rather than a travel destination. But hiding behind these images of cyclone and flood is a strikingly lash and beautiful land with a rich history and a variety of attractions unusual for a country this size situated in South Asia" as the "Lonely Planet" described.

This is agreeable, Bangladesh is not a tourist haunt place like others in the tourist's map and She always offered her actual beauty & charm rather than the material facilities of traditional tourism, that might be reason why Bangladesh has not been highlighted as a tourist's destination. The facilities are really not poor as often pictured; but if you have an independent streak, it's definitely worth avoiding the crowds heading to India or Nepal and following the old slogan of Bangladesh tourist bodies - "Come to Bangladesh before the tourists".

Despite its, Bangladesh is a land of miracles and heroic accomplishment, the story of civilization, which is a happy melange of a proud past. For a start you can visit archaeological sites dating back over 2000 years; check out the longest beach in the world at Cox's Bazaar, Sundarbans -the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world- one of the last strong holds of The Royal Bengal Tiger and see decaying 'Gone with the wind'- mansion of 19th century Maharajas.

Beside these, The largest tea garden in the world at Sylhet, Chittagong Hill Tracts -where the nature are still virgin, the tribal people of hill tracts, the mighty rivers, Kaptai lake- one of the biggest man maid lake in the world are few of attractions of Bangladesh and many other unique feature to offer to her tourists.

Rural Bangladesh feels relaxed, spacious and friendly, travelers from India have been agreeably surprised to find border official offering them cups of tea rather than reams of form to fill in.

So, if you have a plan to visit South or South-east Asia, Please visit to this beautiful country within easy reach of visitor from anywhere in the world to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh with a few extra efforts....... for without trying, who knows how far we succeed.

We are waiting for welcome you to discover Bangladesh - one of the last Nations to remain untouched by tourism using this.




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